SUGARCANE come in my Dreams....

One of the most interesting things about an old pair of jeans is the unique patterns of wear and tear that are worn into the denim over time. Specialist denim store Self Edge wanted to see what a pair of jeans would look like after they were given a real battering, so that gave a pair of Sugarcane 1947 Jeans to Broox, a chef at one of their local restaurants in San Franciso.

Broox chooses to live of the streets not because he is down and out or an addict but because he finds one home too constricting and prefers life outdoors. The jeans were worn 24/7 between November 2006 to July 2007 and as you can see the resulting fading, fraying, tears and repairs gives a vivid visual representation of the wearer's experience over that time (Source: Superfuture)


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